Precisioner now has more than 60 technical engineers and over 80 skilled workers who have been engaged in the die casting mold industry for many years. As projects continue to increase, as well as foreign technical exchanges, we have accumulated more and more experience. Furthermore, Precisioner continue to introduce technical industry talents, upgrade our technical team, which is the core guarantee of providing reliable die casting molds for customers.


Focus- Focus on the development and production of die-casting molds, so as to accumulate experience and break the limit.

Service- Provide a complete die casting molds and solutions, and die casting mold supporting tools. And provide continuous service to the product.

Technical Team-Front-end technology R&D personnel account for about 25%.

Technology- Focusing on the overseas die-casting mold market for many years, who mastering the technical characteristics of North America, Europe and other technological frontier regions.

Software-We cooperate with many similar software companies at home and abroad to develop work software suitable for our own characteristics.

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